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All about 3D Chat and Avatar Games
All about 3D Chat and Avatar Games 
It's All About Social Games 
To be able to purchase all kind of stuff from the virtual world of imvu you need lots of money. Sometimes you may have it, sometimes you may not. For some people it is easier for some is harder to pay for what they want to buy. The IMVU online credit generator it is created to make things straight for everybody registered with IMVU.

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Some people choose to pay a less amount of money for their credits by finding people who are selling at a cheaper price. This procedure is not always a safe one as you may be very easy scammed by a fake reseller which is just trying to steal money from you. Because of that and to be sure that you will not be scammed, the IMVU online generator will be at a price of exactly zero cents. You do not have to pay a dime for this program and in exchange you will get free daily credits into your imvu account.

Reasons why imvu online credit generator's cost is zero

In the world of today, anything you want you have to pay for. We are just trying to make a difference by changing this convention and to deliver expensive or less expensive stuff for free. If you are asking why are we doing this it's just because we can and by doing that we are confident that we are helping a lot of people. Even more than that we created the imvu online hack tool in such manner so it will never be detected or patched. The team gathered together are being very serious about making the best things they can do. They did that by creating this great program for delivering credits for free into your imvu account. This IMVU generator will definitely make you more popular, more sociable and more fashionable, not only in the world of imvu, but also in the real life.

A few advices regarding the usage of the imvu online credit generator

When we created this imvu online hack tool, we created it specifically with the idea of giving a little help to the people who need help. As we said, for some people may be easy to acquire the credits straight from the imvu site and not feeling how the money is wasting. Some people have enough money to buy things the normal way without having later problems with money. For others, unfortunately, money can be a big problem and they are unable to spend too much or any of their money on stuffs like virtual things from the virtual store. For them we are creating the tool necessary to bring them a step further into the community and into the world of imvu.

Click on IMVU Credits to get free IMVU credits on a daily basis without paying a dime.

Our main purpose is to help people who really needs the help we deliver. It will be beneficially for our program if the ones who are not in such a big need of our program will stay away in using it. Apart from that, the program is created to be able to inject a limited number of credits for one imvu account on a period of 24 hours. If you want to add to many credits the program will stop adding the credits. When this happens you have to wait for a day to be able to add again more credits. If you are trying to abuse of it, this will be the most neglectful thing that you will ever do in your life. Instead, we will be very pleased if you use the tool with common sense and you will not be trying to make any new accounts or something like that, just to deliver more and more credits just for the sake of it.

We are hope that the program it will reach its purpose and people will really be happier after using it and it will make their life easier. We do not expect full success, but we are aware of the imvu credit generator's capability and how good it may become for some people.

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The latest Imvu Hack No Survey has some really cool features tat definitely will improve the overall quality of the program. Not just that, but it will also make the game a lot more interesting by delivering unlimited free imvu credits into your account.

To be able to use this new version you will have to go to this IMVU Credits Cheat page where you will further be sent to the real online hack. However, before you can use it all you need to enter is your username. No password required anymore and this is just one of the new features. The new version is definitely ahead of its time and we are receiving a lot of praise for this. 

Don't hesitate and make use today of the best imvu hack no survey up to date.

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Facts about Imvu that you are not aware of

The Messenger that comes with IMVU is using a lot of resources from your PC and for low resources it may be annoying sometimes. You can easily close it up, but sometimes you may search for it on the task manager and shut it down for good to be able to run your PC at full speed.

If, for some reason it happens to no be able to enter into your account, if the game shuts down for no reason or it goes like it would not respond to any command it may be the antivirus that you are using. Turning off the antivirus should resolve the issue. If turning off the antivirus does not resolve the problem you have to check the firewall connection as well. You have to turn it off along with the antivirus software to be sure things are ok.

Why is IMVU so popular ?

There are a lots of things that in the end made the game to reach the popularity of which it enjoys at the moment. High quality management was used since the beginning of it since 2004. Being a great virtual social game was the next big thing after the advanced management regarding the marketing area. It was basically, the first games of its type that acted like a big blockbuster game regarding promotion and marketing. The developers knew from the beginning where is this about to go. It was something relative new, it only had to come with some improvements that will pass the test of time and the test of style.

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One of the sites that I personally liked is The site is the most reliable that I run into and the support is great. The credits are at an acceptable price, it may be cheaper on other reseller site, but this one is very reliable and you can count on it that you will always get your credits in no time and without any problems. Even if encounter any problems the support is pretty fast and your issue will be resolved in no time.

One other thing to be mentioned is even if the site is not looking too professional this is just a first impression that will fade out when you will be using their credits.

You can find numerous sites over the internet that are delivering cheaper imvu credits, but some are more trustworthy some are not, some are more cheaper some are more expensive. The truth is that we had to try them all in order to be able to make a decision which should we recommend.

There are more sites to be mentioned which I will go through very fast.  is a good one, it is opened since 2007 and there is no complaint to be found about them over the internet.
Very cheap credits can be found at You can also buy using euros. The site is known mostly by european users.

Tips and Advices regarding IMVU resellers sites
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You can add items from the left menu by dragging them here.

When you are purchasing gift cards available from the offline stores there is a possibility of receiving various prizes if you top-up your balance using card codes. It is recommended to use those to send to others so you can get popularity on IMVU. If you are sending gifts to other there is a chance in receiving in return other great gifts from the other imvu-ers. This way you will make good and long lasting friends to help you when you need someone to talk to or whatever you could need a friend for, everybody needs to socialize from time to time.

Things to consider regarding your IMVU avatar

If you ever been before aware of style and coolness this is going to be less harder. If you are new in the fashion of image and picture it might take some good amount of time until you realize the difference between a good avatar and a rubbish one. Personally, I recommend to try various styles and looks, constantly watch others avatars style and copy their style. In time you will have a better understanding of what really represents you in a simple 3d picture and how to be stylish and attract some fans and glances and some more friends as well.

Extra tips for a better stay on IMVU - IMPORTANT
Don't be responsive when others are saying something bad to you or about you. The real advanced player on imvu is the one that doesn't judge anyone. Every and each of us are different, you can satisfy everybody's taste. Some are just to noobs to figure it out how rubbish they are, they are wasting their time and energy in judging and throwing insults on others, with no reason sometimes, instead of making something really useful. If you are paying any attention to haters you just are becoming one, the best thing is to ignore them, this way you will be nothing more than better than he is. Do not argue with him as you will become one as he is, a noob and a blind hater.
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